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Wycuie Bouknight


Attorney Wycuie Bouknight, has specialized in immigration law for fifteen years.  He has experience in handling cases ranging from asylum, adjustment of status, cancellation of removal, I-751, waivers, criminal immigration, removal hearings before an Immigration Judge, and appeals before the Board of Immigration Appeals.


Wycuie Bouknight worked for eight years as an Assistant Chief Counsel for the Department of Homeland Security, Immigration and Customs Enforcement, in New York City and Honolulu. He worked for seven years as an Assistant District Counsel for the Immigration and Naturalization Service, in New York City.


Prior to his career as a government immigration lawyer Wycuie Bouknight worked for the state of Connecticut as a Public Defender, and the Washington State Attorney Generals Office, Civil Rights Division.


Wycuie Bouknight was born in New York City, attended St. Luke's prep school in New Canaan, Connecticut, while attending St. Luke's he was one of the first American students to travel and study in The Peoples Republic of China. While attending St. Luke's he also had the opportunity to study and travel to France, Switzerland, and Spain.  It was his travel and studying abroad that made him understand the plight of people around the world.


Wycuie Bouknight started his law practice for the purpose of helping people around the world have access to a better life in the United States, and people in the United States stay and continue to have a good life.

Let's work together to make your dreams come true.


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