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Neeraj Wadhwani

My name is Neeraj Wadhwani and I would like to share my experience dealing with not only one of the best immigration attorneys available, but also a remarkably kind human being- Mr. Wycuie Bouknight,Esq. I am thankful about the way Mr Bouknight handled my case, with utmost care and compassion, well beyond my expectations. I have dealt with attorneys before and let me tell you that I found the process to be cold and indifferent. But with Mr Bouknight it's different. He listened to my story and was very caring and guided me in the direction that made my case heard and ultimately resulted in me being granted asylum here in my adopted and beloved new home. Immigration cases for anyone involved can be extremely stressful but having a good lawyer takes some of that stress and converts it into a positive and optimistic process. Mr Bouknight's experience and work ethics alone is enough for me to recommend him as an immigration attorney for anyone going through this highly stressful situation. I could go on and on about how helpful he was during every step, from the consultation, through the application process, right up until the day of my interview and after. I cannot thank him enough for being a passionate lawyer, and compassionate human being...without these exceptional qualities I wouldn't have felt confident about my case. It takes a good lawyer to present your case the way it was meant to be.

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