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Immigration is very complicate and each individual’s case is so different. It’s wise to find a good lawyer, which can make the whole process go through smoothly and successfully. When I had immigration issue, I was very confused and had no idea how to handle everything. I knew I need a lawyer to help but there were so many advertisements from all kinds of lawyers, who I should trust, who is the one really care about my case? After knowing my situation, one of my friend recommended Wycuie-Bouknight to me. I did concern about the inconvenience to hire a lawyer who lived so far away from me. After I first talked to him on the phone, I could feel his confidence and enthusiasm about his work. I could also feel his concern about others. I viewed his Linkedln profile and personal website, I knew he had lots of experience in immigration, so I decided to let him handle my case. After we started working on my case, the distance was not a problem at all. He told me what documents I need to prepare step by step, on the phone or through email. If I have any questions, Wycuie was always very patient to answer. In order to prepare well for my interview, he helped me find an interpreter and make sure I had everything ready for it. My case was not easy, I was worried that the process may last for years but with Wycuie’s help, I got my status in just 3 months! I also got my SSN, work permit. Like the other Americans, I can legally work, go to school, pursuit my dream in this County. I’m really grateful about Wycuie’s help, he is a great lawyer whom you should definitely trust. As his customer, I highly recommend him to all the people who are struggling about immigration issue. I’m very confident that Wycuie can help you make things so much easier.

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